Seniors share SRU bucket lists, what to experience before graduation

Published by adviser, Author: Amber Cannon - Rocket Contributor, Date: January 30, 2014

When making a bucket list, many people construct their list based off of what celebrity they want to marry, becoming famous, or travelling the world. As seniors prepare for graduation, they begin to construct bucket lists of their own. Between now and May, several seniors are trying to experience as many things as they can before their time in college runs out.

Senior psychology major, Ashley Snyder, 21, is one of several students that are gearing up to graduate in May. She wants to experience all the events that Slippery Rock has to offer this semester before she graduates, Snyder said.

“I know in the past there were events that I really wish that I would have gone to. Now, I want to experience every event possible,” she said. “Most of these events that are thrown are amazing and they can really make a big impact on your life.”

Snyder would also like to experience more diversity within the university.

“I would love to see a more diverse campus,” she said.  “You can never have too many friends, so meeting new people is always a plus. There are so many small clubs on campus that have a great message that people don’t know about because they are afraid that it’s not what they like,” she said.

Along with getting involved on campus, Snyder expressed that she wants to do more around town as well. Getting out on a Saturday evening and viewing the whole town is something that she is interested in doing before she graduates. Snyder also said she wants to experience the drive-in theater.

Another senior that is preparing to graduate this semester is public health major, Nicholas Jones, 21.

“I’m grateful to be here,” he said.

Jones said he’d add to his bucket list the opportunity to see more out-of-states students on campus. Since he is an out-of-state student, he would like to meet more people who have gotten out of their comfort zones to experience the western Pennsylvania life.

“Before I leave, I just want to experience people becoming their best selves. I want people to go out there and volunteer and find all the opportunities that this school has to offer,” he said. “Slippery Rock is more than just going to class and meeting friends. It’s actually all about experiencing and gaining an opportunity to do something great with your life.”

Jones said he is very sad to be leaving in May, but he is very grateful for all of the things that he was able to experience during his time here.


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