Pinch Me I Must Be Eating: New Sheetz, new features, new flavors

Published by adviser, Author: Stephanie Cheek, Date: December 5, 2013

Like most fast food restaurants in Slippery Rock, Sheetz has been a staple of student diets from the moment that they step onto campus. Unfortunately, the local Sheetz used to be run down, small, crowded, and was nicknamed Club Sheetz any time after midnight when a line was around the block.

With the now open and new Sheetz right down the block, not only do students get the usual food but they also gets the high end treatment that Sheetz is making the new norm in most of their stores.

When you first walk into the new Sheetz, you immediately notice all the new stations and the large crowds that most are used to having diminished all around the store. There are specific stations for each item of food and drink. The usual made-to-order kiosks are on the side of the store near the kitchen, and the beverages are organized by what they are, from soda, to lemonade, coffee, and even tea. Next to the food kiosks is the self serve coffee dispensers. This new organization of Sheetz creates easy access for customers to find what they are looking for and helps control the crowd.

One of the newer parts of the local Sheetz is the “Soda Cave.” This “Soda Cave” is a refrigerated room full of cold sodas that come in two-liter sizes and 12 packs of soda cans. This cave makes picking up large quantities of sodas quick and easy.


Now moving on to the important part; the Sheetz food. Now, when we go to Sheetz no one expects a gourmet meal, but they

have added some new toppings that can be added to sub sandwiches, which includes French fries on your sandwich and the seasoning Old Bay. These toppings, especially Old Bay, is a welcome addition in my opinion, giving costumers that chance to have a more unique experience at Sheetz.

After you purchase your food you can move to the other side of the entire store to a section clearly marked for dining. This new Sheetz offers tables and booths with a retro décor were customers can sit and relax and enjoy a little television while they eat their food.

The only thing that is difficult is the new location of the store. Even though it is only down the street from the old store, it is a little farther from campus than the old location. Most college students get to the local Sheetz by foot and trudge through snow and rain to get to the delicious fast food. But having to walk across one of the busiest roads to get to Sheetz makes the journey a little more difficult.

Lastly, I want to touch on the bathroom situation. In the old Sheetz, the bathroom was one room that most would describe as ‘dirty.’ The new restrooms include multiple stalls and sinks allowing more than one person at a time. Lastly they are sparkling clean and a place that would not strike fear into the eyes of students.

Overall, I think that the new Sheetz is a big improvement from what SRU students were used to, and creates an environment that is clean, organized, and turning the gas station restaurant into a somewhat classy place to eat.


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