Actresses overcompensate for no roles

Published by adviser, Author: Katie Ellis, Date: November 13, 2013

As an entertainer, you want to be recognized for your craft more than the way you dress.  Whenever stars attend more events than the amount of days they work in a year, it’s likely that they’ll become better known for their appearance than for what they do.

Although it’s a privilege for stars to be able to wear the latest fashions, getting photographed in a designer gown isn’t everything. Dianna Agron, Kate Bosworth, and Stacy Keibler are three of Hollywood’s brightest stars whose potential is being overshadowed by their fashion sense.

The minute Dianna Agron stepped on screen as Quinn Fabray, McKinley High’s head cheerleader, she became one of Hollywood’s most promising young actresses.  The triple threat had “Glee” fans engaged in a love-hate relationship with her character during her time on the show and she starred in box office bombs, “I Am Number Four” and “The Family”.

Although her movies weren’t popular, her time on “Glee” showed that she has promise as an actress, something that has been overlooked because of her endless stream of red carpet appearances.  Agron has become a major fashion plate thanks to her impressive sartorial choices, including off-the-runway numbers from Louis Vuitton and Carolina Herrera.

Coming off her latest press tour, the actress was spotted at the Giorgio Armani One Night Only NYC event and the Whitney Gala and Studio Party decked out in designer duds from head-to-toe.

While the point of attending events is for entertainers to get noticed, Agron should take a step back from the fashion-based events and step in front of the camera again to work on her acting, which is what made her famous in the first place.

Kate Bosworth is regarded as an icon in the fashion industry thanks to her Pinterest-worthy style, while her work in the film industry has taken a backseat.  Known for her work in the films “Blue Crush” and “21”, she hasn’t had a box office smash in several years, yet she continually makes the rounds at fashion centric events including the Met Gala and Vanity Fair’s post-Oscars party to remain in the spotlight.

Bosworth has garnered mainstream appeal for her outfit choices because of her stylist Cher Coulter’s eye for the next big trend, but the ability to turn heads in couture doesn’t equal lasting success in Hollywood.  While taking a break from acting, she married director Michael Polish in an intimate ceremony in Montana and took cameras from Vogue with her whenever she saw her custom Oscar de la Renta dress for the first time.

The actress will be taking her talents back to the big screen at the end of November when her latest action-thriller, “Homefront” hits theatres in time for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  Look for Bosworth to rightfully make her way down the red carpet next year to promote her drama, “Unconscious,” in chic designer ensembles fit for a true movie star.

As someone known almost entirely for her looks, former WWE Diva and part-time actress, Stacy Keibler, has started to foray into the world of television.  As the host of “Supermarket Superstar” on Lifetime, her recent television success has been undermined by the memories that people have of her relationship with George Clooney.

During their time together, she was spotted at high-profile events on Clooney’s arm in custom creations and couture gowns, in part because of her relationship with the Oscar winner.  She was able to get her pick of gowns from designers not because of the pull she has from her acting gigs, but because of her good looks and her boyfriend.

Should she continue to pursue acting and television jobs in the future, she should step out of the limelight, and onto sound stage.

No matter how talented an entertainer is their light can be dimmed by their actions off-screen.  Fashion sense shouldn’t outweigh talent, and if Agron, Bosworth, and Keibler want continued future success, they should make their work their focus, not their looks.


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