Dumbledore’s Army expected to arrive on campus in near future

Published by adviser, Author: Jenna Rindy - Campus Life Contributor, Date: September 5, 2013



From stunning spells to disarming charms, J.K. Rowling has brought knowledge of a magical world to our generation through the Harry Potter series. For many of us, the story of this young wizard’s life is “our childhood”. That is why students are forming a new organization on campus, known as Dumbledore’s Army. For those who have read the books or even just watched the movies, you know that Harry and his friends at the wizarding school of Hogwarts form a group by this name in the fifth installment of the series.

Just as Harry brings his classmates together for a cause through Dumbledore’s Army, so will the founders on Slippery Rock’s campus. Throughout the series, the characters address several issues, many which deal with equality. Future president of Dumbledore’s Army at SRU, senior language and literature and music major Ashley Taylor, 22, informs us that they hope to work on projects in their organization that tackle similar issues. Examples of the philanthropies they are looking to become associated with will expectantly address human and animal rights. On-campus connections to the organization are anticipating to be made as well through groups such as SRU Student Government Association (SGA).

Dumbledore’s Army will also focus on communalizing people who simply have a love and appreciation for the Harry Potter series. For people like Ashley Taylor, it is this literature that affected our lives, she said.

“I grew up reading the novels from the time I was nine,” Taylor said. “Like so many others, Harry and his friends were always there, going through much of the same things I was going through in a much more exciting environment that was truly magical to feel a part of.”

That magical feeling from childhood will be recreated through this organization, as they research and discuss topics related to the series together, Taylor said.

Founders hope to have the organization in full effect very soon. In the meantime, those interested in joining with them are encouraged to check CompassLink, as well as their Facebook page. They also have created a twitter account, under the handle @TheRock_DA, which will offer updates.

“We are very excited for the formation of Dumbledore’s Army here at Slippery Rock,” Tayor said. “And we look forward to seeing more students become involved. After all, as Dumbledore himself said, ‘We are only as strong as we are united.’”


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