Nail polish brands have various colors, styles for every fashionista

Published by adviser, Author: Katie Ellis, Date: May 2, 2013

Hands down, the best accessory a girl can ever wear is her nail polish.  Believe it or not, nail polish is equal parts a beauty and a fashion trend, as it is known to top nearly as many trend reports as the clothes that are spotted making their way down the runway during Fashion Week.

Beauty gurus and fashion addicts alike will be clamoring to get their hands on the latest and greatest products making waves in the industry.  Some of the brands that are taking the nail polish world by storm are OPI, Sally Hansen, and Butter London because they’re known for making painting your nails a fun and easy experience.

OPI is known for their celebrity collaborations and their themed collections that sell out the minute that they hit store shelves. This spring the brand is taking fans to the heart of Europe with their “Euro Centrale” collection that features bright, bold hues that will look great paired with this season’s hottest looks.

Colors range from the bright aqua, “Can’t Find My Czechbook”, to the glittery clear coat “” that features blue and purple sparkles in varying sizes and shades that will add depth to any shade that it’s partnered with.

Nicole by OPI is an offshoot of OPI that is geared towards the brand’s late-teen to twenty-something fans, as evidenced by their list of celebrity collaborations that includes Justin Bieber and the Kardashians.

Their latest partnership is a collection featuring 14 polishes designed by triple threat Selena Gomez.  The superstar’s nail polishes are named after her songs like the sunshine yellow, “Hit the Lights”, and “Spring Break” which is named after her latest feature film, “Spring Breakers”.  Be sure to scoop up these fun colors before they’re all sold out.

The latest nail polish obsession in both the beauty and fashion industries is the gel manicure.  Gel manicures are typically done at a salon by a nail technician who applies a base coat, two coats of nail polish, and a top coat that are dried with a UV light in order to ensure that it lasts for an impressive two weeks.

Sally Hansen has revolutionized the at-home gel manicure with the creation of the Salon Gel Polish Starter Kit that includes everything you need to do a salon quality manicure yourself.  Simply follow the same steps that a nail technician would take at a salon, set your manicure with the LED lamp included in the kit, and when it’s time to remove the polish, use the specially formulated nail polish remover to wipe away your color with ease.

When a company is known for their high fashion appeal, love of rock ’n roll, and ties to Great Britain, you know that style is their priority.

Butter London has been a Fashion Week favorite for eight years because their nail polishes are high quality products that look great paired with everything from designer duds to college staples like jeans and t-shirts.  By far the best part of choosing one of their polishes is looking through the Butter London Dictionary that is full of colorful explanations for the names behind your favorite shades, like the sparkly pink “Rosie Lee”, which is slang for a cup of tea.

Zoya is just another nail polish brand set to take the world by storm.  Nail polishes from this brand can typically be found in salons, but are now available for purchase through their website.

Known for their chemical free formula, Zoya sells an astounding 3,000 different shades from the red “Isla” that dries with a rich velvety texture to the 18k gold infused topcoat, “Gilty”.

Never before have nail polishes been as strikingly unique and sought after as they are now.  Pick up any of the colors and styles sold by these brands and have a nail polish party with your friends to test out your new favorite shades, and to have some fun and unwind before finals week.


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