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Published by adviser, Author: Ana Graham - Rocket Contributor, Date: April 27, 2012

Dear Ana,
SRU seems to want to give me an aneurism at the end of each semester, as I am trying to deal with 50 million things AND I have to worry about scheduling.

By what means should I seek my vengeance for the tortures they inevitably send every time finals approach?
Inigo Montoya

Dear Inigo,
It depends on when you plan on exacting your revenge. Like all universities, ours can make their students’ lives inconvenient because of one important thing – we are paying them to receive an education and eventually a degree. We are paying them in order for us to put up with the craziness of the professors, the administration, the departments, and the sick jerk who creates the class schedule every semester.

If we don’t pass our finals, it is our fault, because ultimately we are responsible for our own education – college just gives us the groundwork and credibility. So I disagree with the idea of exacting revenge, because the only person you have to blame is yourself.

That said, if you continue to feel bitter after graduating, I’d suggest you do the ultimate revenge you can have against an institution with a constantly fluctuating budget – ignore their letters asking for alumni donations. Then again, if you are content with your experience here by the time you graduate, then don’t ignore them!

Dear Ana,
A bottle of … mouthwash … leaked in the backseat of my car. How do I get that minty alcohol smell out of my vehicle? It gives me really bad headaches.


Dear Freshbreath,
I, too, have had the smell of …mouthwash…plague upholstery, and in all seriousness, a mixture of vinegar and water will remove the smell. Trust me, I am an expert on…mouthwash…to the point that my breath smells like a mint garden most Tuesdays.

Dear Ana
Why is it that people get mad at others for not going to sporting events or joining Greeks, but then think it’s okay to not support the arts here on campus? Isn’t it all a part of school spirit?
Arts Pride

Dear Pride,
It is definitely a part of school spirit to support the arts – we have so much talent in music, dance, theater, art and writing at this school, and that is something to be proud about.

The fact that we have promotions, such as the Kaleidoscope festival, actually does really help raise awareness because it involves both the campus and the community. Brave New Plays, the dance department performance, the current student art exhibits and many other events have been showcasing in the past couple weeks what students here have been working so hard on all year.

I’m not sure why ignoring the arts is okay here, and while I agree that this is a problem, I must disagree that it is seen as a bigger deal to attend sports events or join the Greek system here. The only sports event that anyone I know of have went to is our homecoming game, and it was three years before I learned that we had a baseball team.

Also, our Greek system, while a popular choice, isn’t as large here as it is at many schools (for example, there aren’t any “real” fraternity or sorority houses here). As someone wrote to me a couple of weeks ago, this school has a problem with all-around school spirit, a plague that will be hard to fight.

Dear Ana,
Any tips on staying motivated?
I can’t stay off of Netflix

Dear Netflix,
This question reminds me of a short time when I was involved in a sorority and I learned how the sisters helped each other out when it came to not slacking on their finals. What you need is a trusted friend who would change the password to your Facebook and other accounts you find enjoyable, as well as temporarily pause your Netflix account – not cancel it, just pause it until you are done with finals or whatever goal you are reaching.

You can pause accounts on Netflix as well as Hulu, which helped me greatly when I realized my addiction to “Daria” was damaging my grades last semester.


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