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Published by adviser, Author: Ana Graham - Rocket Contributor, Date: April 20, 2012

Dear Ana,

Is it morally wrong to be easily paid off with food?

I’ll Give You a Sandwich if You Shut Up


Dear Sandwich,

For many situations, not at all. Food is a delicious commodity that starving college students should only rarely deny.

I mean, sure, there are some times when you definitely should not be paid off in food – those are illegal circumstances. If that situation ever arises, I suggest the grand and perfectly-possible-in-my-head idea of going to the police and offering to help catch the offender bribing you so that they can be arrested – but only if the police give you food in return, preferably Chinese, because Chinese is delicious.


Dear Ana,

I’m a graduating senior, and with the weeks winding down, I’ve been thinking – there are some people I hate on this campus and I don’t have to put up with anymore. They are mostly fellow students, but there are professors and others that I’m relieved I won’t have to see again, too.

What I really want to do now is give these people – well, at least my fellow students I hate – a piece of my mind right before I graduate. I want to tell them exactly how much I don’t like them and what awful people they are and just walk away as my last hoorah.

Should I do this or could this cause me more problems than good?

Tired of Holding Back


Dear Tired,

In theory, this is an awesome idea. In practice, this is the worst idea ever.

First, you must think – do you really think they will just sit there and listen to your piece of mind and then just let you walk away? Trust me, they will make you miserable – and make you listen to exactly what they think about you, too. If you don’t want to walk during graduation with a giant headache and possible black eye, then don’t do it.

Second, you should keep in mind that you may see these people again. They could be future co-workers or connections of some sort. Do you really want to risk losing any contacts?


Dear Ana,

This is a stupid question, but I want to delete my Facebook. I’ve even deleted it a couple times before, once for only a week or so and once for over a month. I don’t keep coming back to it because I’m addicted, because I’m not.

Facebook keeps me from getting work done and it is boring. But my friends always yell at me because it is inconvenient for them. It is easier for them to Facebook message me, apparently, than text me, and whenever I’m not on it I don’t even get invited to events sometimes.

I found out a while ago that I missed a party for my friend because no one thought to invite me otherwise. I hate it, but should I risk deleting my Facebook permanently? I don’t want to hear my friends complain anymore and I definitely don’t want to miss anything important.

The Facebook Hater


Dear Facebook Hater,

No offense, but you have awful friends – not because they complain because everyone does that when a friend deletes their Facebook. However, if someone doesn’t think to invite you to an event just because they’d have to go out of their way to text you, you should ask yourself if you would even want to go to an event with these people there.

I know your type – there are always a couple of people on everyone’s friends list who decides Facebook is stupid and so they delete it, only to come back to it after a short time. If you feel so conflicted, maybe just try having one but being inactive. This should be fairly easy if you aren’t addicted to it. Just check it once or twice a week and then it shouldn’t be as much of a hassle.


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