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Published by adviser, Author: Ana Graham - Rocket Contributor, Date: March 30, 2012

Dear Ana,

How do you tell a coworker/friend that you really don’t want them to apply to your other job? Just in the off chance they get hired and then you’ll never be able to work without seeing their face until after graduation?



Dear Jerk,

Does this friend of yours need another job? If he/she does, then stop being a jerk about it because friends don’t let friends be broke.

If your friend is broke, then he/she will probably ask to borrow money off of you, and that’s a worse possibility.

Are you really that heartless, or do you really dislike this person so much that you’d want to prevent them from being employed?

But, considering that this coworker/”friend” may, in fact, be unbearable to be around, I suggest that continually talk about the awful aspects of the job. Don’t make it look like you hate it so much that you’ll quit, though, because then he/she will definitely go for the job if there’s a soon-to-be opening.

Also, bring up around this person a recent round of hirings.

Even if this is a big fat lie, it’ll make him/her believe that there is very little possibility of getting hired, and then he or she’d be less likely to apply.


Dear Ana,

When do you think we’ll be able to wear summer clothes again?




Hi, you must be new here. Slippery Rock doesn’t typically get warm until finals week – the week no one can enjoy it.

The little enjoyment we had last week was just a fluke.

Sure, we’ll be having higher temperatures again, but they’ll be coupled with torrential rainfall and bitter winds.

My best bet is probably the day before your big final exam or project, because being in this town for four years has left me bitter and cold, in every sense of the word.


Dear Ana,

I feel like my parents will never let me leave the nest.In the past year I’ve got an apartment and car without their permission, and they were obviously mad.

They expect me to live with them after I graduate, and my mom even seriously says that she plans on me living with them until I get married.

I’m not a minor anymore and I want to enjoy life, but I feel like they’re always trying to keep me trapped. They call every single day. What can I do to get them to cut the cord?

Growing Up


Dear Growing Up,

Cut the cord yourself.

If they keep calling and you don’t want to answer, then don’t answer the phone. Call them when you want.

Having a car and apartment has already assisted in you gaining significant independence. Don’t feel like you have to compromise when you have transportation to leave a fight and a place to stay.

It will be a tough and painful break, but if they wish to maintain a relationship with you they will be willing to compromise with you as equal adults.


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