Kendall Scott, Asst. Photo Editor

Published by adviser, Date: August 12, 2016

The age-old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and as it so happens, I have a passion for both. A photograph can capture the excitement, the devestation, and the emotion where words sometimes fail us, and they serve as a reminder of memories past. Even as a Recreational Therapy major and Psychology minor, joining the Rocket staff a year ago didn’t seem out of place to my lifestyle and goals. There’s therapy in finding beauty in a moment; a goal scored, a student standing up for what they believe in, a professor sharing his or her passion- and there’s a joy in sharing those moments with those you love as well as complete strangers. My ultimate goal, no matter what profession I choose, is to assist people in getting to a better physical, mental, social, or spiritual state, and through photography, so many of those wonderful moments can be captured along the way.

The Rocket provided me with many opportunities that I never would have dreamed of before my employment with the student paper. I’ve been on the sidelines of dozens of sports games, interviewed and photographed celebrity speakers and concerts, and became more aware of student movements overall. I’ve worked everything from sporting events to protests, performances to daily student activity. To say that I’m excited for the upcoming year is an understatement! 

 Outside of my work with the Rocket, I am a fullback on Slippery Rock’s nationally ranked women’s rugby club team. I hail from Bent Mountain, Virginia, and four years later, I’m still in shock by the lack of sweet tea in Pennsylvania. You can usually find me in the quad looking for dogs to pet, or treating myself to enourmous amounts of breakfast foods. 


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