Dan DiFabio, News Editor

Published by adviser, Date: August 12, 2016

My name is Danny DiFabio and I’m a junior journalism major with a film and media studies minor. I will be serving as the News Editor for The Rocket during the 2016-2017 school year. I’m creating this bio so when you view this page you can learn a little about me. Hopefully when you finish reading this you will get what you may have clicked (or tapped) on for,

From a young age I was always writing stories or anything that came to mind. In fifth grade I wrote a horror story. Was it good? Probably not. But hey, I finished it, so go fifth-grade Danny! I would still write throughout school but early on and, with a bit of thought and possibly misguided pessimism, I decided creative writing would probably not be a good career path for someone who, despite having a myriad of ideas, only actually finished one story.

These thoughts marinated in my mind until the day came to choose my major. I decided on journalism because it was still writing but it seemed a little more plausible and more of a potential candidate (just don’t read up on the field’s job growth) for a career.hen I started writing for The Rocket I enjoyed it immensely. I applied what I learned in class to real situations and had new stories each week, allowing me to get to know the places and people on campus. Thanks to the previous News Editor, Haley Barnes, who helped point me in the write (haha) direction and a bit of luck and some skill, I was successful and was given the privilege to be the News Editor for this school year. I’m excited to grow as a writer/student/person and work with other awesome people and make the best paper ever.

Hopefully that’s enough about me. Any questions can be directed to my agent.




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