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Published by Alex Hanczar, Date: February 17, 2023

Whether he is on or off the court, Lashon Lindsey is always having a good time. Lindsey, a Slippery Rock University basketball forward, began his journey at six years old when he fell in love with the game playing pickup alongside family and friends. Ever since, he has gotten more passionate to grind hard for the sport he loves.

Lindsey has always been a confident player; however, he has stayed humble from the beginning of his time playing basketball.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been a standout player over everyone else, but I realized I was pretty good around eighth or ninth grade,” Lindsey said.

Those years were the time just prior to his career taking off. At Meadville Area Senior High School, Lindsey not only exceeded the 1,000-point mark, but he also became his high school’s all-time leading scorer. Such accomplishments paved the way for his journey to Slippery Rock.

“When I hit the 1,000-point mark, it felt great—it was a good moment. They stopped the game; it was a real fun and close one,” Lindsey said. “It was just a good accolade to have and to be up there in Meadville’s bleachers is great.”

With such great accolades, Lindsey mentioned music being the driver of his success. Whether it’s calming him down pre-game or simply listening for enjoyment, he stays up to date with pop culture. He mentioned that artist Rod Wave is his go-to selection to settle his nerves before games.

Getting in the right mindset for a game is a crucial part of basketball. However, nothing can prepare athletes for the crazy events that could happen in their games whether it be injuries, outstanding performances or hecklers constantly nagging the players. For Lindsey, it was his tooth breaking and going into his lip mid-game that created the wildest moment he could recall.

Lindsey could not have made it through all the wild moments and memories without great teammates constantly by his side. Lindsey has been a member of Slippery Rock’s squad since 2019 and has gotten to play with great players including Micah Till and Tyler Frederick. Along the way, he has learned plenty from the greats before him.

“They helped me a lot. Micah was a mentor to me. My freshmen year, he pushed everyone to be a great player,” Lindsey said. “You would have to compete with him and try to stay as good as you could when you were on the court with him. Tyler was also a great player whenever I got to play with him.”

Currently playing alongside Lindsey is guard Amante Britt. The two have formed a strong connection on and off the court.

“[Amante] is like my brother. I spend every day with him, and he has made it a lot easier for me to be here [at Slippery Rock],” Lindsey said, “not only off the court but on it as well.”

For the past two years, the team has failed to make it out of the first round of the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) playoffs. With that being said, the squad has turned these hardships into positive motivation. It was a wake-up call for the team and lit a fire under players like Lindsey and Britt who have been through it all. The knowledge to understand there is always room to improve has made Lindsey a leader on the team.

Within the PSAC division, the competition is fierce. Slippery Rock’s biggest rival and No. 1 team in the country, Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), appears to be the team’s kryptonite and mountain to climb if they desire to achieve their goal of a title. Although the team suffered a loss a few weeks ago to their rivals, Lindsey prided students and fans on the electric atmosphere they provided.

“It was great energy from the crowd and the players. It was just a great game that went back and forth. It may not have ended how we wanted it to, but it’s always been fun playing [IUP],” Lindsey said. “Every time we play them, the gym is packed and the crowd shows out.”

Being here the time that Lindsey has, he has seen the school grow in many aspects that have fired the players up even more pre-game. Light shows and player introductions center the improvements the school has made in his time here. Hitting a rough patch through the pandemic certainly toned down the players’ adrenaline at the home court, but ever since everyone has gotten back to being on campus, the pre-game festivities—along with the crowd—have improved immensely.

Lindsey and his teammates are currently fighting for a spot in the PSAC playoffs, and that is certainly at the top of the team’s docket. The team has their minds in a peaceful place as they prepare for the most treacherous part of their season.

“Honestly, just go out and play every game like we want to be here and want to win. We just have to try and go as far as we can,” Lindsey said. “I know we have a great team and I know we can do it; we just have to go out there and do it.”

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