Rock Athletics kicks off Giving Day


With the on-going pandemic that has been affecting the country since March, funding has been an issue for a lot of Americans and organizations.

Many restaurants and businesses have closed, even some within the Slippery Rock area, but Slippery Rock University’s annual Giving Day is something that allows for alumni, family members, community members, and others to donate to a club or cause that matters to them. When it comes to athletics, Slippery Rock athletics will be hosting a Giving Day of their own on Friday.

As it is Homecoming season, usually tailgating and parades would be filling the Slippery Rock area before preparing for the football game, usually against IUP, where Slippery Rock’s fans would show support for their team. This year, however, is different as the fall sports season has been postponed for all sports.

Athletic Director Paul Lueken hopes that even though fans cannot tailgate and celebrate this weekend, that people will still consider helping out Rock Athletics and consider donating.

“Reconnecting with alumni and friends of the athletic program is important,” Paul Lueken said.

Lueken also explained that funding helps go towards athletic scholarships and that revenue has been tough since last March.

Lueken hopes for a good turnout for giving day but understands that the current atmosphere is hard.

“It’s tough because there is so much in the world right now and if this can distract folks a little bit and make them feel good about their alma mater or their favorite team,” Lueken started. “That would be good. We are just hoping at least to generate a little bit of excitement that way.”

Lueken also added another way to help is to show your Slippery Rock pride.

“We have some alumni ambassadors for each sport that are going to help reach out to alumni to encourage them to participate,” Lueken said. “Meanwhile we want alumni to help us spread a good word about Slippery Rock University and Rock Athletics. There might be a star student athlete in their community that they can say ‘hey have you thought about Slippery Rock?'”

Giving day will begin Friday October 9th. For more information about donating visit or @Rockathletics on Facebook and Twitter.


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