Tennis coach expects improvement in spring as fall season comes to a close

Published by , Author: Logan Campbell - Rocket Contributor, Date: October 15, 2015

The Slippery Rock University tennis team wrapped up its fall season, and looks to be competitive in the spring season.
Tennis seasons work much differently than other sports seasons do. The team begins its play in the fall with several matches and tournaments, but the bulk of the schedule occurs in the spring semester.
SRU Head Coach Matt Meredith had some very pleasing takeaways from the fall season.
“We were more competitive than we have been in the past, but our competition has also been more competitive,” Meredith said. “We’re still getting better and I think we’re gonna be okay, but we still have some things to work on.”
Since the season has finished for now, the team will begin its conditioning for the upcoming season.
“We’re gonna be working on our conditioning and becoming fitter, stronger, faster, all of those things,” Meredith said. “We still need to learn to close out some matches better, and as my freshmen get more experience they’ll do that much better.”
The team had all around contributions from every member of the team, but several players really stood out to Coach Meredith.
“Allie Welch did a great job for us playing at the six spot, which might be the easiest place to play. She stood up and definitely played well for us,” Meredith said. “Tiffany Kollah has definitely come back strong, and has fought through some tough matches and won. This will definitely help the other girls around her get better, they have to play her tougher and more competitively.”
The spring season is going to be much more of a challenge for The Rock, especially within the PSAC conference. Meredith even stated that all PSAC teams are going to be extremely competitive.
“The PSAC West, with Cal, Mercyhurst, and IUP who are all nationally ranked are going to be tough,” Meredith said. “We have a lot if teams on our heels, with Edinboro, Clarion, Seton Hill, who have all gotten better. There are no easy matches, and we’re gonna have to be prepared for anything.”
The team is striving to have a better spring session than it did in the fall. Finishing the season at a 3-1 mark has set them up for a strong spring season.
“I sure hope we have a good spring,” Meredith said “The competition is going to be tough, and we’re gonna have to be tougher.”


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