Rock tennis defeats Allegheny College

Published by adviser, Author: Brittany Fagan - Rocket Contributor, Date: March 5, 2014

The Slippery Rock women’s tennis team defeated Division III Allegheny College 7-2 last Friday night to improve their season record to 4-5.

Allegheny College saw its season record fall to 4-3 after the loss.

The event consisted of three doubles and six singles matches.

Senior Nikolina Grbac was paired with senior Sarah Joumond for the first doubles. Senior Lauren Coggins and freshman Stephanie Fortier made up the second team and sophomore Courtney Gallagher and freshman Kylee Woodman made up the final doubles team.

The Rock swept the Gators in the doubles with two 8-2 matches and an 8-5 finish.

“Kylee and I fought hard to get ahead of that team and win that match,” Gallagher said. “We communicated well, we took our time, and that’s what really made a difference in that match.”

Gallagher said that being friends with her doubles partner (Woodman) off the court is an advantage because it makes it easier for them to work together while on the court.

The singles players consisted of Grbac, Joumond, Fortier, Gallagher, Woodman and freshman Emily Munson.

Slippery Rock won four of the six singles matches, which secured their spot in claiming the win.

“All singles and doubles teams worked hard in their matches and figured out what had to be done,” head coach Matt Meredith said.

The team will travel to Hilton Head Island, SC over Spring Break and they will have their first match on Friday March 14 against Division II Kentucky Wesleyan. The ladies will play a total of six matches against a number of competitive Division II teams.

“We all look forward to break because traveling with the team is a great bonding experience for the girls,” Meredith said. “Some of my best memories of coaching and being an athlete were times that I traveled with my team.”

The bonding experience is something that the athletes are also looking forward too but they are also excited about facing some competition they don’t see regularly.

“I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for us this season, especially on Spring Break,” Gallagher said. “Most of the teams we’re facing we’ve never played before, so I’m excited to see who we’re up against.”

Slippery Rock will face Mercyhurst in Erie, Pa. on March 25 and play their first home outdoor match March 28 against Edinboro.


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