SRU’s ΣΣΣ Hosts ‘For The Love of Sigma Dating Game’

Published by adviser, Author: Haley Barnes, Date: March 5, 2014

On February 28th in the Smith Student Ballroom, SRU’s Sigma Sigma Sigma held their annual For The Love of Sigma dating game. The event cost $3.00 and all the proceeds went towards the The Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation. Seven brothers from different fraternities fought for the love of Tri-Sigma sister, Kayla Rena and five sisters from different sororities fought for the love of Kappa Sigma brother, Ben Moslen. Each round brothers and sisters were eliminated until three were left for each Ben and Kayla. During the final round, the brother or sister had to depict their idea of a perfect date. After the third round, Ben and Kayla chose their winner and the prize was a double date. Kayla chose Max and Ben chose Alyssa.


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