Essential Car Maintenance Tasks Every Driver Should Know

Published by Partnered Content, Date: September 20, 2023
Essential Car Maintenance Tasks Every Driver Should Know

Heading to school leads to many new challenges in a young person’s life. One difficulty that flies under the radar for commuter students is car problems. Perhaps before, you could depend on your parents to stay on top of the necessary upkeep, but now you must handle the essential car maintenance tasks every driver should know alone.

Tire Pressure

Although the TPMS sensor will surely alert you with a loud beeping noise on a cool morning, regularly monitoring the tire pressure is critical. A driver can easily assume their tires are perfectly fine if there isn’t any noticeable damage. However, low air pressure could lead to many problems, including a decline in fuel efficiency. You can increase your diesel engine fuel mileage in several ways, starting with inflating your tires.

Luckily, most gas stations have a self-serve tire pressure contraption you can use independently. Unscrew the nozzle on your tires, attach the hose from the machine, and the air will inflate the tire to the appropriate level. Finding the recommended psi level for your tires is important because overinflation is just as bad as underinflation.

Oil Change

The oil of a vehicle is like the blood in your body. Without it, the engine won’t run, and you won’t go anywhere. Therefore, we highly recommend changing the oil regularly.

Every motorist must understand the significance of regular oil changes. Some vehicles can last longer without one, while others require one every 3,000 miles. As with the tire pressure recommendations, rely on the owner’s handbook for more guidance from the manufacturer.

Dirty engine oil can’t protect the engine from wear and tear. Maintaining regular oil changes might help you prevent this expensive fix.

Wiper Replacement

You don’t realize how important windshield wipers are until they stop working. You’re in deep trouble when they malfunction in a rainstorm, so it’s wise to ensure their functionality on a sunny day and quickly replace them if they no longer work. Driving in a storm is challenging enough. There’s no reason to make it even more difficult.

Filter Replacement

Even though it may not seem like it, you should regularly check and replace your car’s air filter to keep it running efficiently. The filter traps dust and other particles before they reach the engine and cause harm. The advantages don’t stop there; filters offer better gas mileage and prolong the engine’s lifespan.

Car Wash

The most obvious car maintenance tasks are some of the easiest ones to overlook. Giving your vehicle a thorough scrubbing via a car wash ensures it remains pristine. Sadly, some drivers may have never driven through an automated one, nor have they washed their cars manually. Nevertheless, don’t ignore something so simple that can help so much.

Learning these essential car maintenance tasks every driver should know will ensure you have a vehicle throughout your collegiate tenure. Even if you’re more of the Van Wilder type, you can feel confident that your car problems will be minimal.


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