3 Discrete Snacks To Sneak Into the Movies

Published by Partnered Content, Date: August 11, 2023
3 Discrete Snacks To Sneak Into the Movies

While many people debate the morality of the topic, some people bring their own snacks into movie theaters—especially college students. There are a few subtle options you can stow away to give yourself something to munch on as you watch your film. Consider checking out these discrete snacks to sneak into the movie.

Corn Dogs

The breaded hot dog we know as a corn dog is a great ration to keep on your person as you head into the movie theater. This snack is as filling as it is delicious, especially when eaten in numbers.

Cook multiple corn dogs in a microwave on campus. Before going to the movies, wrap them in a thin layer of aluminum foil and then contain them in plastic.

The foil will crinkle as the corn dogs jostle around, and the plastic wrap or container will muffle the sound. Keep the snacks in your bag with a few items inside to avoid any second glances from the staff.

If the bag you use is a string bag from your college, it will appear less suspicious. You can even place a hoodie on top of the corn dogs; the bag will appear stuffed with the hoodie instead of the snacks you want to sneak in.


Thin strips of seasoned meat make a great snack for your movie. Since jerky is thin and small, there are many places to tuck it away. Place multiple strips in a bag and put them in the pocket of your jacket or hoodie, or disperse them evenly amongst your pants pockets.

Bringing small snacks is one of the rules of sneaking food into a movie theater, and jerky is one of the best foods since you can cut it into smaller pieces. Purchase your favorite flavor of jerky and place the bagged snack out of view before you buy your tickets.

Gummy Snacks

There are a variety of gummy snacks in the form of various things, from bears to worms and even fruit. Gummy candy is soft and squishy, making it a great choice for a discrete snack to sneak into the movies.

The snacks will fit in tight spaces and won’t rouse suspicion when they’re in your bag. Keep the gummy snacks in a bag until the movie starts and the lights dim. Unwrap them quietly and make sure you throw away the plastic bag afterward to reduce the mess the theater staff need to clean up.

Sneaking snacks in movies is a straightforward way to save money and enjoy yourself during your desired flick. Bring these snacks with you and feel like a smooth operator as you sit down and enjoy a bite with the action on the screen.


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