Ways To Convince Your Parents You’re Ready for a New Car

Published by Partnered Content, Date: June 16, 2023
Ways To Convince Your Parents You’re Ready for a New Car

The car that gets you from class to class and from home to school is your trusted companion, but you’ll want a new car eventually. Your best chance at acquiring a new vehicle lies in your parents, who could buy you a new one, but you’ll need a convincing argument for why they should. Use these ways to convince your parents that you’re ready for a new car and drive onto campus with a new set of wheels.

Prove You’re a Responsible Driver

Regardless of whether you are someone’s child or a business partner, people typically won’t make a large purchase for someone who isn’t responsible. Responsibility is a valuable trait among adults, and your parents will consider that trait when you approach them about buying a new car.

Prove you’re a responsible driver by taking them out on a drive in your car and showing them you follow the rules of the road. Don’t speed or make illegal U-turns as you take them out for lunch or an afternoon drive during the spring. Your level of responsibility is one of the surprising things your car says about you, and a new car with a luxurious appearance should reflect your way of driving.

Make a Plan To Pay Them Back

New cars will cost a hefty penny, and your parents will likely balk at the price, especially after they’ve already paid for your college needs. Offer to pay your parents back after they’ve bought the car, and lay out a detailed payment plan for full compensation. Monthly payments will depend on what’s affordable for you and how soon they’ll want their money back. But a promise to pay them back is a great gesture to show you’re ready for a new car and the financial responsibilities that come with it.

Mention How a New Car Will Help You as an Adult

As a young adult in college, you’ll need your car for commuting. Although your current car helps you tend to these needs, a new car will make commuting easier. Give these reasons to your parents when you ask them about buying your new car.

Remind them of how long your commute is and the dangers of a potential breakdown in your car. A new car will have better maintenance and performance to help you get to your destination easily and safely.

Convincing your parents that you’re ready for a new car is challenging, but it’s not impossible with a little tact. Use these methods for the best shot at acquiring a new vehicle, and feel more confident in your ability to negotiate.


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