3 Common Engine Problems Everyone Should Know

Published by Partnered Content, Date: February 7, 2023
3 Common Engine Problems Everyone Should Know

Our vehicles rely on the engine to supply power to drive. But this reliance comes with the risk of certain problems that may lead to a breakdown. Read on to learn more about common engine problems and how to prevent them.


The engine continuously works to keep the vehicle running. To do this, it ignites the fuel in its combustion chamber. The fuel will frequently ignite and create a forceful explosion that uses the engine’s pistons to power the other parts of the vehicle, such as the drive train. However, the constant ignition will cause the engine to grow hot, and if the car runs for too long in hot weather, the engine could overheat and break down.

Overheating is a common engine problem that everyone needs to know, and it’s important to stop and let the engine cool down temporarily to avoid a breakdown. Ensuring your engine coolant is full will help your car maintain temperatures and decrease the chance of overheating even on the hottest days.

Oil Leaking

Oil leaks are common in cars and may stem from numerous causes. The weather may be cold enough to cause a crack in the metal’s surface and allow the oil to leak out. Or a part of the engine can rattle too hard after running over a speed bump, creating enough damage to cause a leak. Regardless of the cause, leaking oil is dangerous for your car and yourself.

The oil in your engine lubricates the moving parts, such as the cylinders. Without it, the engine will have parts grinding against each other, which may lead to complete engine failure. Avoid this mishap by keeping the engine full and looking underneath the vehicle to see if any liquid is dripping.

Leaking oil is a critical problem for turbocharged vehicles as well. The oil used on the turbo may leak and burn if left unattended, which may cause parts of the engine to malfunction or cause a fire if the area gets hot enough. It’s important to know the steps to take if your turbo leaks oil into your exhaust so that you have the right knowledge to solve the issue quickly.


Vehicles have certain types of fuel that they need to run. The average car will use unleaded gas, while luxury vehicles will use a higher grade, and trucks will use diesel because it causes a larger ignition.

If the vehicles receive the wrong fuel or fuel grade, this will lead to engine problems that cause a breakdown. Misfuelling isn’t common, but mistakes happen, and you or someone filling up the tank may accidentally use the wrong fuel. Check the fuel you select at a gas pump before taking the nozzle off to refuel your car.

Engines are interesting machines with complex systems. Knowing these common engine problems is important because it helps you stop your vehicle from breaking down.


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