College Packing List: Winter Preparation

Published by Partnered Content, Date: January 23, 2023
College Packing List: Winter Preparation

College opens many doors. It gives you career, learning, and community involvement opportunities. It also opens doors to new experiences and locations. For many, heading off to college means going to the school down the road. For others, it involves a cross-country road trip and exposure to different environmental conditions.

Moving from Alabama, where the sun likes to shine, to a northern state, where snow piles high and temperatures drop low, comes with a bit of culture shock. It places you in new circumstances, forcing you to adapt without your parents nearby. Here are five winter preparation must-haves to add to your college packing list when heading to a state with harsh winters.

Winter Weather Garments

There are many ways to style chic outfits for the winter that’ll keep you warm and make a good impression. The key to any cold weather look is layers and winter garments. Make sure to stock up on

  • Fuzzy and thick socks
  • Cuddl Duds and underlayers
  • Knitted scarves
  • Winter hats (e.g., beanies, earmuffs, etc.)
  • Thick coats
  • Gloves and mittens

Curating a well-stocked winter wardrobe with warm garments ensures you stay warm and prepared for frigid wind chills, snow, and other wintery conditions. Staying bundled prevents you from getting sick and freezing.

Appropriate Footwear

After a couple of experiences with cold weather, you’ll notice that certain parts of your body get colder faster. Your fingertips, ears, nose, and feet grow cold more quickly than the rest of your body. They freeze up fast due to their close contact with cold surroundings, lack of heat retention, high nerve content, and low circulation location. When they get cold, you feel it. Making sure you wear cold protection, like water-resistant and heavily lined footwear, keeps you warm and happy throughout the winter.

ChapStick and Moisturizer

Winter weather conditions do more than just drop your body temperature. It also dries your skin. Extreme cold temperatures cause your skin and lips to crack, leaving you with painful cuts on your face and body. Packing moisturizers and ChapStick protects you from the dry environment, keeping your skin well-nourished and hydrated. Look for moisturizing products with hyaluronic acid and glycerin for effective skin hydration against the cold.

Portable Electric Hand Warmers

Whether you’re out exploring your college town or walking between halls on campus, portable electric hand warmers are a great winter device to keep on hand or in your pockets. Compared to traditional warmers, which operate on chemical reactions and last for a couple of minutes, electric variations provide more reliable heating. Plus, they’re reusable, offering you a mini portable heater to accompany you throughout your daily adventures in winter.

Mug Warmer and Insulated Cups

Hot drinks are a fast and easy way to warm up in winter. They apply heat to your hands and increase your internal body temperature. No matter your drink of choice, keep it warm throughout the day with a mug warmer for your desk and insulated to-go cups.

If you’re heading to college in a state or country with harsh winters, stay prepared for the cold with these winter preparation must-haves. From winter weather apparel to handy devices and gadgets, there are many ways to stay warm in the cold. Don’t let freezing temperatures hinder your college experience, and stay warm with the right gear.


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