5 Quick Ways To Make Money From Old Items

Published by Partnered Content, Date: November 9, 2022
5 Quick Ways To Make Money From Old Items

In college, money is like water in the desert, which is why we work jobs and buy cheaper products. But there are other ways to make money quickly and help your wallet. By unloading your old items, you can make a quick buck and help your financial situation, even if only by a hundred dollars.

Take Apart Your Old Computer

Electronics are always in demand, and computer parts are valuable items that tech enthusiasts and electronic shops are looking for. Many parts of the computer are reusable and will last for a while, so there’s a good chance that the parts will sell for a decent amount of money.

Specific parts such as the motherboard, CPU, and GPU will sell for the most since they can work in multiple computing devices.

Clean Up Your Old Shoes for Selling

If you have a pair of LeBrons, Yeezy Boosts, or Jordans that were expensive during their prime, they’ll sell well to sneakerheads, but you should give them a clean-up first. Removing soiled spots and dirt in the tread will help them look newer and cleaner, allowing you to have an easier time making money when you resell them.

Sell Old Video Games

Video games have become a popular and pricey purchase for many, especially college students. You can offer them a fair price for your games and make some quick money. Classic video games are coming back, with many people looking for older consoles and some of their favorite games from childhood. Offering these games will attract buyers seeking nostalgia.

Junking Your Car

If you have had a car since high school, or your car was a relic before you were born, you may not have much time left with it. There’s no shame in selling your car; it will benefit you by getting rid of it and making money to boot.

It’s easy to junk your car for cash, and normally you won’t need to put in much work, as many junk companies will pick up the car for you. Compare different places to see who will offer the best price for your car, and try to get in one last ride while you can.

Selling Your Old Textbooks to Other College Students

Instead of letting your old books collect dust, you could sell them to other college students who need a book for a lower price. Perhaps your school has a used textbook message board or website. Or you can search for students in your major or from other classes who plan to take the courses you took and offer them your book for a decreased price. Even if the book was $150 and you offered it for $50 off, you will still make a $100 sale.

It’s not easy to make money in college, but that’s why there are ways such as these to help you. Taking your old items and finding a new home will help you stay financially afloat for a little longer, and help you make room for any new things you acquire.


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