4 Tips for Cleaning Your Vehicle’s Interior

Published by Partnered Content, Date: November 8, 2022
4 Tips for Cleaning Your Vehicle's Interior

As you use your vehicle, you may notice that dirt and other particulates start to build up even when you have a no-food policy in your car. Keeping your interior clean helps your vehicle and enables you and anyone else who rides in your car to feel more comfortable. These tips will help you clean your car’s interior and make it look and feel better.

Vacuum Once a Month and Dust Every Two Weeks

As you track dirt into the car from the outside, that dirt will eventually spread throughout the interior and make surfaces dirty. Vacuuming once a month will keep your car’s interior clean and fresh to prevent the accumulation of dirt on the floor or the seats. Dust may still gather on hard surfaces since it only takes a 24-hour period for it to accumulate and settle.

Dusting is just as important as vacuuming, and the hard surfaces, such as the dashboard and doors, will need a good dusting every couple of weeks to keep them clean. A dust-free car is less likely to cause a sudden allergic reaction while driving, so dusting will keep it looking good and safe.

Use a Non-Smelling Upholstery Shampoo

The seats in your car can store dust in their fibers and crevices, so it’s important to clean them thoroughly when cleaning the vehicle’s interior. You’ll want to try using a non-scented upholstery cleaner that isn’t harmful to the upholstery materials.

The lack of scent and mild strength will let you use more of the cleaner in case you have a stain that you need to work hard to get out. A sponge with a hard and soft side will work best. With it, you won’t damage the surfaces but can still use more force for tough stains.

Wipe Down the Windows With a Microfiber Cloth

Using window cleaner will make it easier to clear up your mirrors. But when you wipe down the surface, you don’t want to use a paper towel, as it will leave small particles on the glass. Instead, use a microfiber cloth for a better, streak-free clean.

Microfiber cloths don’t leave anything behind and work well in picking up tiny dust and dirt particles. You can also use one for drying after you’ve cleaned your car’s engine, making it a useful tool for various applications.

Go Easy on the Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is the material on the parts of the frame that surround the car’s doors. Weather stripping protects the vehicle’s interior from wetness and precipitation.

Cleaning the weather stripping will require a delicate approach. You should use warm water and soap to clean it without affecting the sealant that binds it. A simple garden hose would also work.

Cleaning your car’s interior is an important part of owning it. If you want to feel more comfortable and have your passengers feel at ease, you need to keep your vehicle clean.


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