The Important Parts of Your Car You Need To Maintain

Published by Partnered Content, Date: April 15, 2022
The Important Parts of Your Car You Need To Maintain

Cars may be some of the strongest machinery we handle on a daily basis, but they need proper and regular maintenance, or else they break down. Luckily, not every part of a car breaks frequently, and you only need to check on a few important parts every week or two. Here is a list of the important parts of your car you need to maintain frequently.


Your tires suffer from a lot of wear as you drive around, but they’re also extremely important for driving. That’s why caring for them is so important for every vehicle. You should check your tire pressure often and check the treads on the tire to be sure you get enough grip on the ground. Always carry a spare tire too, so you can switch out a tire if something happens while driving.


The driveshaft sits under your car and delivers the energy and force from the engine to your car’s wheels. Although your driveshaft is sturdy, it can always break down from wear, and potholes can damage it as well. You can learn more about the parts of a driveshaft so that you can better identify problems if there are any.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are responsible for converting fuel into force inside your engine. Because they’re necessary for driving, they suffer a lot of wear from driving and frequently need replacement. You can check these yourself when you run regular checks on your car or bring them to a mechanic for checkups.


Every car runs on a variety of fluids. A car needs fluid to function, from gas to motor oil to antifreeze. You should stay on top of your car’s maintenance by checking the fluid levels every few weeks and topping it off when possible. This can prevent damage to the car and help you when driving too.

These are the important parts of your car you need to maintain for the proper functioning of your vehicle. If you drive while one of these parts has damage, you risk breaking your car and possibly an accident. So run quick weekly checks and in-depth monthly inspections for your safety.


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