Why DPI Is Important to Graphic Designers

Published by Partnered Content, Date: January 18, 2022
Why DPI Is Important to Graphic Designers

A career in graphic design has never been more rewarding due to the advancement of our screen-dominated society. However, the work required of an excellent designer is no walk in the park, and you must completely master every aspect of the job to truly make a living. If you’re thinking about entering this industry, check out this article on why DPI is important to graphic designers.

What Is DPI?

Graphic designers work mainly with desktop publishing and design, and in this regard, DPI refers to the resolution and clarity of printed images. DPI, or dots per inch, measures the amount of dots present per inch of an image.

As you may have guessed, more dots mean better visuals and greater detail. PPI, or pixels per inch, is different from DPI in that it refers to the resolution of imagery on screens. Basically, DPI is a measurement of quality, physical images.

Birth of a Career

Understanding why DPI is important to graphic designers is quite simple. It gave way to a brand-new career for talented people. When new jobs come into being, our society can benefit tremendously. Not everyone has the knowledge or skills to work with DPI, meaning highly specialized individuals make great livings doing what they love.

Companies that employ these professionals benefit from better branding, whether it’s in the form of quality colored bottle labels or physical billboard ads. In fact, just about every industry in the world benefits from the work of DPI-fluent designers.

Advancements in DPI

As with any industry, graphic design evolves as technology improves, generating more money for its workers and creating new opportunities. DPI advancements have mainly affected modern printers, as they can print upwards of 90,000 (300 x 300) dots per inch!

Major corporations and entities rely on picture clarity to stir up business worldwide in this age of globalization. Future innovations will continue as printers begin producing clearer imagery.

In short, it’s better to enter this industry as it quickly becomes more and more dominant. If you’re considering this career, start by taking computer and design classes as early as possible. You’ll find plenty of graphic design jobs on the market. Many companies are eager to hire freshly graduated individuals!


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