Tips for Making Great Friends in Your 20s

Published by Partnered Content, Date: December 7, 2021
Tips for Making Great Friends in Your 20s

As you approach the end of your time at college, your life begins to change as you enter true independent adulthood. With potential new careers, environments, and endless possibilities, this moment in your life is wildly rewarding. However, creating solid friendships only becomes more difficult as you leave your teenage era. It’s normal to struggle with finding companions as we age, so if you’re looking to boost your adult social circle, check out these tips for making great friends in your 20s.

First, Get Comfortable With Yourself

The first step to making a great friend as an adult is learning to be friends with yourself. This may sound simple but knowing how to exist on your own while balancing a career and responsibilities is essential. In your 20s, your social opportunities become less frequent, meaning you spend large amounts of your time alone. That’s OK—being content while alone is an important life skill that increases the quality of the relationships around you.

Make Easy Plans

The biggest challenge when scheduling social events with other adults is conflicting responsibilities between you and your peers. Complicated plans, such as trips or late nights downtown, are harder to execute thanks to jobs, chores, and other standard aspects of adult life.

To ensure you regularly mingle with potential friends, opt for easy plans that don’t encroach on other people’s responsibilities. Consider throwing the ultimate game night in place of an all-night bar hop—an affordable and personable event sure to encourage conversation and budding friendships.

Search in Different Places

During your teenage years, meeting new people was simple—most of your friends were probably in your class, Greek organization, or dorm building, and you probably saw them nearly every day.

You won’t find that social structure in the adult world, as you spend many of your hours at work, sleeping, or completing other responsibilities. Because of this, consider seeking out community events posted on neighborhood apps or social media sites—this is a great way to meet like-minded individuals who are also eager to find fun companionship.

Remember that a great friend is worth spending valuable time with, so don’t be afraid to be picky with whom you choose to hang out with. With these tips for making great friends in your 20s, you can confidently find new relationships that enrich your already exciting adult life.


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