Top 5 Tips on How To Market Your Indie Band

Published by Partnered Content, Date: November 17, 2021
Top 5 Tips on How To Market Your Indie Band

Get people talking about your indie band by getting your music in front of them. Marketing and promotion are keys to success in the entertainment industry, and doubly so for independent musicians. Once you and your band have played some gigs and recorded an album or two, it’s time to build a dedicated fanbase. Read on for a few top tips on how to market your indie band.

Perform Covers

Which artists are your biggest inspiration? To get more recognition, perform a few covers of songs in your genre that people already know and love. If they dig your style, they’ll want to click through and find your original stuff.

Get Connected

Social media is perhaps the most powerful tool any promoter can have in the digital age. Make social media accounts for your band on major platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) and keep your brand consistent throughout. Post updates regularly to maintain a presence on viewers’ feeds.

Sell Merch

When you play gigs, offer merchandise for your audience to pick up—and not just CDs. Brainstorm creative merch ideas like patches, pins, totes, and sweatshirts. Create an online store, too; merch sales are a great way to line your pockets as your band picks up steam.

Make Videos

YouTube is a powerful platform for getting noticed. Pick up some professional camera gear or contact a budding filmmaker friend and shoot a couple of music videos that express your band’s style. Post videos regularly and encourage folks to subscribe to your channel to get a peek at future projects.

Give Interviews

Practically everyone these days knows at least one person who has a podcast. Reach out to them! Get in contact with podcasters and news outlets and put together a marketing package with samples of your music. Get interviewed by folks with built-in audiences to build an audience of your own.

Promoting your indie music is easier now than ever before with advances in technology and increased access to information at one’s fingertips. Bring your music to ears that will listen to it over and over with these top tips on how to market your indie band.


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