Great Tips for Having Fun on a College Budget

Published by Partnered Content, Date: September 2, 2021
Great Tips for Having Fun on a College Budget

From groceries to textbooks and tuition, college expenses can pile up quickly. With all the costs attached to attending college, you might wonder how you’ll afford all of the fun stuff that many people look forward to. Learn to get the best of both the academic and recreational college worlds with these great tips for having fun on a college budget.

Use Student Discounts

Tons of restaurants, movie theaters, comedy theatres, and other entertainment establishments know that college students have tight budgets. To give college students a bit of a break, plenty of places offer student discounts when you present a valid student ID.

You can inquire your school’s student center about special offers or contact your local establishments to ask if they offer discounts to students. The more searching you do, the better deals you’ll score!


Are you looking to beef up your resume and have a good time? Then volunteer your time. Volunteering with a local animal hospital, homeless shelter, or after-school program is a great way to know community members and add service hours to your record.

There’s a lot of intrinsic value to volunteering, too. It can promote a sense of purpose, which can help you better manage stress while gaining a feeling of belonging. As a result, one of the greatest tips for having fun on a college budget is to volunteer.

Enjoy the Outdoors

It might sound cliché, but fresh air can do you (and your pocket) some good! One of the best ways to have fun off-campus is to get in touch with the nature spots around town.

Whether you brave a long hike or enjoy a lake’s scenery, exploring nature is easy, fun, and often free. Even when nature reserves or parks have admission fees, they’re usually no more than 10 dollars.

Host Potlucks or Parties

Hosting small parties or potlucks at your apartment or dorm is a great way to curtail weekend splurging. Avoid paying for public transit, ridesharing services, pricey drinks, and late-night takeout by inviting your friends over. Invite guests to bring a small dish or beverages to share, and be sure to check with your roommates before opening your home.


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