How To Set Up Better Internet in Your Dorm

Published by Partnered Content, Date: June 14, 2021
How To Set Up Better Internet in Your Dorm

Imagine: it’s 11:59 P.M. as you drop your assignment into the online submission box. Just as you’re about to click “Submit,” you get a daunting buffering signal from the site. Not only does the buffering prevent you from turning your assignment in on time, but it leads to you painfully asking for more time from your professor. You could have avoided this with some dorm network reconnaissance and revamping at the beginning of the year. Discover how to set up better internet in your dorm so you can avoid all-too-familiar situations like this.

Going the Wired Route

As you learn how to set up better internet in your dorm, you’ll realize you may need to make some investments. Sometimes, not even a Wi-Fi extender can mend your college network troubles. To create a foolproof network setup in your dorm, opt for a wired system. This will require you to invest in router and Ethernet cables, if you don’t already have them, and you’ll come to find that they’re well worth it.

A wired setup requires you to plug your devices into the router. Because most dorm rooms are cozy, you won’t have to worry about an obnoxious cable spanning across the room—you can simply place the router in an ideal location near most of your online devices.

Different Uses for Ethernet Cables in Your Dorm

Get the most out of your router and Ethernet cable investment by using them for a variety of dorm activities that require online access.


If you dedicate lots of time to this pursuit, be sure to scope the best Ethernet cables for gaming to maximize your experience. High-quality Ethernet will reduce any aggravating network interruptions and offer enhanced visuals.


With a reliable connection, your dorm can become the spot for Netflix watch parties. Even if you’re a solo series binger, having uninterrupted streaming will make for much better watching.

Online Curriculum

Of course, we can’t mention the perks of a wired network without mentioning its advantages for online curriculum. Experience seamless video chats and streaming for your coursework, as well as smooth submission processes to get those Hail Mary assignments in on time.


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