5 Tips for Finding a Job After Graduation

Published by , Date: July 24, 2020
5 Tips for Finding a Job After Graduation

The job market is tight, competitive, and there is no room for mistakes. When you start looking for that first job out of college, it’s important to know what you want. Do you want to work from home? Do you want to work for a small firm? What are your expectations from your first job? Answering some questions before you start the search will narrow it down and make things a bit easier. Using these tips for finding a job after graduation will ease the stress and bring you success in the long run.

Tweak Your Resume

When you load your resume onto job boards, make sure it has the right phrasing in it. The programs that crawl job boards are looking for certain keywords, and if your resume doesn’t have them, your resume will get lost with thousands of others. Find out the keywords companies in your field are looking for and include as many as possible in your resume. On the other hand, don’t keyword load, and make sure there is a natural flow to the resume.

Be Prepared to Move

If you are looking for a job in forestry but live in Brooklyn, you should consider moving. Relocating for a job is a good way to find what you want. Some areas have better job prospects than others, so be open to the idea of relocating. Many companies will pay relocation costs for top talent.

Don’t Stop Looking

As the economy begins to gather steam again, more jobs will continue to open. We are already seeing more jobs available than people to fill them. When you find something and get a bite from a potential employer, keep the search going. Don’t stop and count on that job to pan out—keep sending your resume to companies you’re interested in. You could end up with a better opportunity and can leverage one against the other.

Clean Up Your Social Media

With so much on the line when hiring these days, companies are vetting applicants more thoroughly than ever before. They want to know who they are hiring and what kind of person they are. Social media is a good way to stay in touch with friends and trends, but your friends aren’t the only ones looking at your Instagram feed. Potential employers have been scanning social media for years. If you have trashed a previous employer or have objectionable content on your pages, get rid of it. Make yourself look like a saint, even if you aren’t one.

Practice Interviewing

Getting a response and interview request from your resume is only the beginning. You will likely go through some phone interviews before you have a sit-down at the office. Practice your interview skills so that you nail it the first time. Go over how to dress, sit up straight, and appear relaxed. That’s the best tip for finding a job after graduation, really—stay relaxed and confident in yourself. The rest will take care of itself.


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