How to Maintain a Long-Distance Friendship

Published by , Date: June 25, 2020
How to Maintain a Long-Distance Friendship

College is just the beginning of your journey in trying to keep long-distance friendships up. You may be attending a school across the country from your best friend. You also might be thinking about studying abroad. College is a time to do what’s best for you and to expand your own horizons as far as possible. The fear of maintaining friendships often holds students back from exploring their opportunities, but it shouldn’t be a determining factor. Friendships can survive, no matter the distance, if both parties put in the effort. If you’re worried about keeping in touch with your friends while you’re apart, then check out this guide to learn how to maintain a long-distance friendship.

Set up video calls and plan activities

If you are going to be far from your friend for a while, you two may miss just hanging out and doing things together. There’s no reason you can’t still have fun and plan activities together just because there is some added distance. Luckily, you live in the digital age and can set up regular video calls with your friends. Take turns planning different activities for you to do together over live video. Below are some examples:

  • PowerPoint show: Prepare PowerPoint presentations on funny topics, and give a serious presentation to the group about it.
  • Trivia games: There are tons of apps designed to help you make your own or use an existing trivia game format. For extra fun, create a friend-group-specific trivia.
  • Show and tell: Pic a random item in your home, and tell the harrowing story of how it came to be—whoever comes up with the best story wins!

Become pen pals

While all this technology is good, sometimes doing things the old-fashioned way can make a relationship feel special. Start writing letters to your friend like they’re your pen pal. You can also send them fun items in the mail to surprise them and let them know you appreciate them. Sending them a custom, “just because,” laser cut greeting card can brighten their day. You can also mail them funny things to give them a laugh, such as a mini piñata or a potato. Just about anything you send their way will remind them of how caring and fun your relationship together is.

Pick a day a week to be coworkers

If you used to study together all the time, you may miss their presence when studying far apart. Discuss with your friend what it would be like to become digital coworkers or study mates for one day a week. This is a great substitution for the distracted hangouts that can make friendships feel so close. One main roadblock to maintaining a long-distance friendship is feeling a lack of your friend’s presence. This activity can bring that back and help you continue to bond with each other.


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