Best Nerdy Hobbies to Try in College

Published by , Date: March 3, 2020
Best Nerdy Hobbies to Try in College

College can be intimidating. Classes, tests, papers, new people, and new areas you have to navigate all on your own make for a scary awakening. Still, some things people look forward to in college are the parties and nightlife. While this is fun for some, there are others who want to spend their time doing something else. If you fall in that boat, check out these best nerdy hobbies to try in college. Nerdy does not mean anything offensive; rather, these activities allow you to use your imagination and get to know others You’ll build new friendships and develop new interests, too.

Video Games

With so many consoles and gaming systems on the market, playing video games is one of the most interactive hobbies anyone can do. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than video gaming to relax after class or a hard test. There are many options for players, like computers, game consoles, and hand-held devices. Some video games can only play on certain consoles, while other games are universal for multiple systems. You can play alone, with friends, or online with other gamers, depending on the game you play.

Tabletop Games

Like videogames, tabletop games offer a great interactive experience for players. Players use various dice to control a custom-made character to solve quests and level-up. Typically, players gather in groups to play, with one person leading the group as the Game Master. This person creates the world of the game and all the quests, non-playable characters, and enemies the group must face along the way. While one of the most popular tabletop games, Dungeons & Dragons, is a fantasy role-playing game, there are many other genres and game-styles to choose from. Some of these games incorporate miniature figurines, cards, dice, or even a pen and paper to play. No matter what, it’ll encourage you to use your imagination and teamwork to solve issues and fight enemies.


Cosplay is a portmanteau of costume and play, and it features people dressing up as their favorite characters from movies, TV shows, anime, comic books, video games, and other entertainment. After its inception in the 1980s, cosplay has become increasingly popular today, especially at conventions and expos. Anyone interested in cosplay should know it’s a great hobby to step out of your comfort zone. Many people feel comfortable dressing as their favorite characters to further express themselves. It’s also easy to do on a budget in college.

Live-Action Role Playing

Also known as LARPing, this hobby almost combines cosplay and tabletop RPGs into one game. Players dress and physically portray their characters, and they treat other people as their characters and may even use props during gameplay. Unlike tabletop games, LARPing allows for free form roleplay, although Game Masters may referee certain actions and events. Contemporary LARPing emerged in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and has since become an international activity with thousands of participants.

Start a Fan Club

Finally, one of the best ways to meet new people in college is to start a fan club for your favorite movies, shows, anime, games, etc. Getting like-minded people together in someone’s dorm room or apartment is a great way to be social and build new interests. You can share favorite or least favorite moments or characters, get together to watch the next episode, or even attend a convention together. College can be a scary time, as it’s one of the first times young adults are truly on their own, so make an effort to meet those with the same interests as you. You may develop new interests as you do it.


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