How to Improve Connectivity in Your Dorm Room

Published by , Date: February 20, 2020
How to Improve Connectivity in Your Dorm Room

Nothing is more frustrating than your Internet lagging when you’re trying to binge-watch Netflix—we mean, when you’re working on homework. Whatever you’re doing in your dorm, you need a good Internet connection, and the Internet’s never very good in campus housing for some reason. However, we have a few tips for you. Below, we break down how to improve connectivity in your dorm room—check it out!

Protect Your Wi-Fi Password

Double-check with your RA, but some campus housing allows you to have your own router if you want to purchase it and set it up. Having your own router could significantly increase your connectivity. If you already have a personal router set up, then make sure your Wi-Fi password isn’t obvious. Let’s be real: students are broke, so if they can score free Wi-Fi, they’re going to. Don’t let everyone in your building mooch off your router.

Get the Right Cables

You can drastically improve connectivity in your dorm room simply by using the right cables for your electronic devices. Whether you’re hooking up your router, charging your laptop, or setting up gaming consoles for a Halo marathon with your roommates, make sure you’re using the proper type of cable for the device. For example, a two-in-one HDMI Ethernet cable will help you connect to the Internet as well as to your devices.

Reduce the Number of Devices Pulling from the Wi-Fi

Some campuses literally have thousands of devices all on the same Wi-Fi—no wonder it’s so slow! One way to boost your connection is to occasionally remove devices from your network. For instance, if you need to watch a video for class, you shouldn’t be streaming Netflix on your side monitor. Having multiple devices on the same network can slow down connectivity, but the connection will be even worse if the devices are doing demanding work, such as streaming or gaming.

We know it’s annoying when you finally build up the strength and courage to take on your homework, and then your computer can hardly connect to the Wi-Fi. Situations like this are probably why it’s so easy to fall in the trap of gaming or streaming your favorite show instead of doing homework. However, getting the right cables, using a personal router if possible, and disconnecting unnecessary devices from your network will help you get back to what matters most—Netflix! Okay, homework.


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