Why You Should Have a Car on Campus

Published by The Rocket, Date: October 15, 2019
Why You Should Have a Car on Campus

Some schools don’t let you have a car on campus, but there are many reasons why you should have a car on campus if it’s allowed. Here’s how you can take advantage of a car in college.

For Shopping

When you live on campus, there’s a good chance you have to go to the store for necessities. College bookstores provide some necessary items, but they still have limits in what they offer. A car is the best way to travel to and from the grocery store with ease.

To Get Home

For holiday breaks, you’ll also need to get home, and you may not have anyone you can ride with at school. On longer breaks, you may also want to transport a fair amount of items home. If you ride with someone, you might not have enough room to bring everything you need.

For A Job

During your time in college, you may also have a part-time job or an internship off campus you must get to. These are both high priorities for you as a student, and you always need to have a reliable form of transportation.

For Emergencies

An emergency where a friend needs to get to a hospital definitely warrants the need for a car. You may also get sick and just need to see a doctor. A car on campus allows you to use it in emergency situations for yourself, roommates, and friends.

Get Around Campus

The final reason why you should have a car on campus is to just get around. Some college campuses span miles, and not everything is nearby. If you need to get across campus quickly, a car can get you there.

Even on campus, your car may still sustain damage from other vehicles or objects. Make sure you know how to repair dings and scratches, so you don’t have to spend your limited resources on a professional to fix them.


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