How to Select the Right Voice Over Actor

Published by , Date: September 4, 2019
How to Select the Right Voice Over Actor

If you’re creating content for your website, a new YouTube channel, an e-course, or a marketing campaign, you may decide to use a voice over actor. Finding a voice over actor is not difficult. Finding the right voice, however, can be. It’s important to find someone who aligns with your brand and can relate to your target audience. Consumers will begin to associate that voice with your company, your content, and your product. As such, the perfect voice actor will enhance the audience’s experience—learn how to select the right voice over actor.

The Voice Should Fit the Audience

Use a voice actor that will connect with your intended audience. You’ll need to decide factors such as whether you should use a man or woman or if you need someone with a regional accent. Further, kids might prefer a bubbly, upbeat voice while an older, sophisticated audience may respond to a distinguished voice. Make sure the actor is versatile and can perform in any tone or style.

Look for Quality Demos

Professional voice actors will have high-quality demos that show off their style and range. Listen to as many as you need to and make a list of who you like. Imagine that voice reading your script and start to pare down the list. Once you are down to two to three actors listen, to the demo intently and analyze them in more detail. Don’t waste time on talent with a shoddy demo—they may not be serious about their work or received poor training.

Character Voices Make a Difference

Some talent can do several distinct voices. If you need different voices for your content, then a voice actor who specializes in character voices may be a good fit. Using one actor to cover many voices will save you time and money. In one studio session, they can record an entire script, so the recording will get back to you faster. Using multiple actors will slow down the process, as you have to consider time constraints and everyone’s availability.

Check Previous Experience

If your project is an e-course or instructional video, make sure the talent has experience performing long narration sessions. This requires the actor to have excellent reading skills and stamina. Additionally, if you need someone to speak with an accent, ensure that they have done that kind of work in the past as well.


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