Back to School: Best Tips for Student Athletes

Published by The Rocket, Date: July 23, 2019
Back to School Best Tips for Student Athletes

There are many reasons why your parents get you involved in sports at a young age. Sports teach you valuable life lessons and build good character. For many, college sports are the highest level to compete in—it is often the hardest, too. A large part of that has to do with focusing on both sports and school. Many jobs, however, see value in successful college athletes. That’s why you should learn about some of the best tips for student athletes to achieve balance and great success in both areas.

Get Homework Done ASAP

As a student athlete, you really have to hone your time management skills. Juggling classes, practice, and workouts is possible, you just need to establish a good routine. You should find a time, whether it is at night, after practice, or in the morning, to complete your work. Make sure to set aside plenty of time each day to get your school work done.

Take Advantage of Support

Being a student athlete is a lot to handle. Most teams, however, offer a student hall, which is time put aside where you can work on your school work with fellow teammates. Many teams require athletes to log in a certain number of hours a week to make sure that their work gets done. Some students are also in college because of their athletic gift and may struggle in the classroom. If you find yourself struggling academically throughout the semester, don’t be ashamed to take advantage of the many resources available at your school. If you fall under a certain GPA, you may not be able to participate in sports.

Communicate with Professors

Sporting events often require road tips that may cause you to miss classes as well. That is why when you are in season, you should give your professors a team schedule that lets them know when you will miss classes throughout the semester. You may also need to fill out a form that gives you the okay to miss class. If you establish a good relationship with your professors early in the semester, you will ensure that you don’t fall behind.

Work on the Road

You will most likely travel a lot during the season, so there may be instances when you must bring your school work on the road. This can be extremely difficult at times because team busses are often loud. A good tip for student athletes is to eliminate the noise with noise-cancelling earphones. It’s not ideal to work on a paper, or study for an exam right before a big game, but, you must adjust to doing school work in different environments to remain productive as a student athlete.


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