How to Be More Environmentally Friendly on Campus

Published by The Rocket, Date: May 29, 2019
How to Be More Environmentally Friendly on Campus

While balancing the many responsibilities of being a college student, it can be easy to forget about the importance of living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Thankfully, developing sustainable habits doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Following these easy tips will help you learn how to be more environmentally friendly on campus.

Use reusable products

While they may be convenient, single-use or disposable products such as plastic water bottles, grocery bags, coffee cups, and straws are terrible for the environment. Although many of them are recyclable, the process of transporting and recycling these items takes up a lot of energy. As such, it is better not to use them in the first place—opt for reusable products instead.


Recycling paper and plastics is one of the more obvious ways to be environmentally friendly. However, many people don’t make the extra effort to recycle, or are recycling the wrong materials. Before tossing items into your blue bin, make sure that they are recyclable and free of any food residue that could lead to harmful recycling contamination.

Buy from and donate to second-hand stores

Fast fashion empties our pockets and quickly fills landfills. This is due to manufacturers making clothes that don’t last longer than a few months. Rather than paying full price for these temporary trends, consider shopping at second-hand stores for unique and timeless pieces. Doing so will reduce the material and energy requirements needed to fulfill the market demand for producing copious amounts of new clothing.

Eat less meat

The process of raising and preparing meat requires a large amount of energy, water, food, and fossil fuels. In addition, it also releases large quantities of greenhouse gasses into the environment. As such, by incorporating more meat-free meals into your diet, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Ride your bike or walk to class

Rather than driving to class, consider walking or riding your bike instead. Doing so will help reduce the number of pollutants in the air via vehicle emissions. Plus, it will save you money on gas and help you live a healthier lifestyle.


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