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Published by , Date: April 29, 2022

Knowing myself at the start of my college experience, I don’t think I expected to end up with The Rocket. But turns out it’s exactly where I needed to be.

After two years of being on staff, I’ve hopped around in a couple of positions. I started off as assistant ads manager, then slid into the assistant photo editor position, where I truly wanted to be in the first place. I’ve spent my last semester as photo editor, with an amazing assistant photo editor by my side.

My time on staff has led me to some of my closest friends, helped build new relationships, and gained so much experience and knowledge I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Before I was in the photos section, the positions were held by others that I look up to, and seeing the quality of work they did ultimately made me push myself harder.

Having half of my time on The Rocket be during a pandemic was less than ideal, but it made coming back to campus to work a little more special. I finally got to meet who I had been working with for a year and instantly I felt we were a team.

I feel like a whole new person after spending so much time with The Rocket, and it gave me direction.

When I first joined, we had our fearless leader Hannah Shumsky. Seeing the dedication to the paper made me realize what our jobs are really here for and that this is not a normal club on campus. I did not know what I was getting myself into.

I might as well consider our office a second home because it’s where I want to be constantly, around my friends, and the overall atmosphere of getting work done.

My passion for the position and, honestly, the start of a possible future career, started with the first football game I got to cover and take photos for.

We joke in the office that football is my baby when it comes to covering sports, and that’s absolutely true.

My guy, Tyler, has been with me to almost every game, if not all games, and I’ll miss spending my time on the sideline with you. But I’ve taught you everything you know about a camera, so you’ll be just fine.

Joe and Mac, you guys make your jobs look easy in the news sections, and I’ll miss your guys’ reaction after getting a big break in a story. Your high fives and “I told you so’s” just make me smile. I hope you guys keep pursuing what you love doing.

Nina, I know the future of The Rocket is in good hands with you leading the way. You know the ropes, and I applaud you for dealing with our rocket shenanigans every day, while also running the show. 

Copy/web, Kaitlyn and Marissa, from being right next to you guys in the office to our trip to New York City, getting to spend so much time with you guys and getting to know you are some of my favorite memories. But now, it feels like I haven’t gotten to spend enough time with you, but we’ll be going to a TSwift concert in the future, I already know.

Halle, you’re the person I would pick to have by my side in any scenario. I know you’ve only been on staff this past semester, but our prior friendship made us work together so smoothly. It’s just going to be straight-up weird not seeing you every day, but I’m excited to see where you go and what you do because I know it’s going to be something amazing.

I can’t finish this up without saying thank you to Dr. Fleming as well. You’ve made opportunities happen for the whole staff. Thank you for just being the person we can come to when we need support. We know you have open arms for us, and we really appreciate that.

I’m out, let’s get this last print done.

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Rayni is a senior communication major with a concentration in digital media production. This is her third year on staff and first as photo editor. In addition to the Rocket, Rayni is also secretary for Lambda Pi Eta and a member of WSRU-FM. In her free time, she enjoys going to the gym and watching TV.


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