Staff Goodbye | My bittersweet farewell

Published by , Date: April 29, 2022

To The Rocket Staff,

Over the course of my college career, I have taken a number of paths that have led me here, writing my staff goodbye at The Rocket. And it is truly bittersweet.

When I started my time here at Slippery Rock University, I didn’t know what path I was going to follow and where it was going to take me, but I did know one thing that has always been true: I follow what I am passionate about.

Whether it was dance, volunteering, leading, photography, videography, you name it, I have always been led by my passions. But, even though I had all of these, I never truly felt that I had a group of people that I could say I was a part of.

After making my way to the Strategic Communication and Media Studies department, I felt that I found my place and I found my home and family at The Rocket.

My time at Slippery Rock University has been nothing short of eventful, exciting and full of wonderful opportunities. I have learned so many valuable lessons not only about digital media production but also about myself along the way.

Each step I took on this path has allowed me to grow as an individual, and I cannot express how grateful I am.

A semester at The Rocket was not enough. I will always want more events, baseball games, print weeks, graphics to make and more.

Staff, thank you for listening to my Justin Bieber obsession, watching The Kardashians, coming to my Amazon events, helping me with my guy problems, haha, and all and all, thank you for being my friend.

Don’t forget to have fun! We all know life can be stressful, but I promise you, you will blink one day, and you will be here, writing your staff goodbye and reminisce on the times you had in the office, too. You all are inspiring, encouraging, hardworking individuals, and I cannot wait to see all of the amazing things you all will do in the future.

Dr. Fleming, I cannot thank you enough for all that I have learned from you. You encourage me to be my best self and I will forever be grateful. It has been so much fun being your twin here at SRU.

Where my experience might have been short at The Rocket, my memories will make that time last. I will miss you all more than you know.

Rayni, Tyler, Marissa, Brandon, Nina, Joe W., Katie, Bailey, Joe S., Megan, Kaitlyn and Mac, thanks for giving me a home at SRU, and thank you for the memories that I will cherish forever.

Until next time,

Halle Angelo

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Halle is a communication major with a concentration in digital media production and a dance minor. This is her first year on staff as the assistant photo editor. Outside of The Rocket, Halle enjoys dancing, creating dance films, and working for her social media ambassadorships. After graduating, she hopes to work in the social media and television industry.


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