Assitant Photo Editor *snaps* out of it


Many moons ago, I picked up a camera and thought to my myself, “Hey, this is pretty fun”.

Years later, I saw a tweet that said The Rocket office needed photographers. I thought to myself, “Hey, that could be pretty fun”.

Spoiler alert: it was.

My time at The Rocket has been awesome. I’ve been able to attend a ton of events, improve my skills and make a new family.

If it weren’t for The Rocket, I wouldn’t nearly have the opportunities, skills, or portfolio that’s so important to leading me to a future I can enjoy.

Thanks to Paris Malone for teaching me how to be better at photography and how to use back-button autofocus.

Shout out to Eric Davies for being a cool EIC and a cooler friend.

Props to the rest of the staff for always making me enjoy my time in the office and for welcoming me into the family.

And of course, thanks to Megan Bush for being the sole reason why I wanted to be on The Rocket staff in the first place.

10/10 would join The Rocket again. I am inevitable.



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