All students should get involved in Student Government

Published by , Author: Dallas Kline - President of the Student Government Association, Date: February 21, 2019

If the beginning of your college career was anything like mine, my acceptance into Slippery Rock meant a celebration and committing as soon as possible and a bit of fear of the unknown. Upon my deposit, I became part of the Rock family, easily one of the best decisions I have ever made. Slippery Rock became my home. Once I pulled up to Watson Hall on move-in day, I realized my college experience was going to be challenged with this question: how am I going to make a difference at The Rock?

Slippery Rock is a campus bursting with opportunities to get involved. You can do this through volunteering, on-campus employment, and let’s not forget, over 250 student organizations ranging from SOL to the American Marketing Association, that focus on common interests, passions and identities that give students a chance to follow their passions and make a difference. Many of these organizations formed with change in mind: whether through politics, identities, social views, or personal beliefs, we all want to make Slippery Rock as incredible as it can be for all students.

Nevertheless, change does not come without effort. It seems to be that the issues that affect us as students are often overlooked or forgotten. Part of our role as students is to fight for the ideas and opportunities that we care about; whether it is college affordability, inclusivity, or more parking. We are in charge of the future of Slippery Rock and have to stand up for what we believe in.

For these reasons, the idea of one shared governing body to represent all students came about over 80 years ago. But the power of the Student Government Association fully depends on how active it is, and how many students participate in it. This election season is your chance to step up and be a voice for the student body. Joining the SRSGA will give you an opportunity to make campus life better for the Slippery Rock students of today and tomorrow. Here is a quote that we love to use, “Sometimes leadership is planting trees whose shade you’ll never sit under.”

If not for a desire to leave campus better than when you got here, I can offer three other reasons to get involved with the Student Government Association. First, each student pays the student activity fee each semester that goes straight to SGA each year. If you want to have control over your money, come learn more about our finance policy and how we operate to help fund clubs, athletics, and events.

Second, although I would not put this as top priority, it is a great resume builder. I have had many internship interviews recently and I can almost always relate the work I did in SGA to a professional setting. Many organizations are going to want experience in their candidates, and this is your chance to gain some! You will be able to manage a $2 million budget, work with a diverse group of students, practice public speaking, and more.

Finally, this will be the best experience of your entire life. I can promise you that. I have gained so much from this organization including countless professional and interpersonal skills, best friends, and lifelong memories that have consisted of late night meetings, national conferences and countless bonding events with the people I love.

Find an application packet on CORE today under the Election Booth and do not miss your chance to change your life and this campus. Packets are due March 22  on CORE. Reach out to me at with any questions.


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