Dating apps make faithful relationships hard to come by

Published by adviser, Author: Chloë Frey - Rocket Contributor, Date: September 14, 2017

Looking for a relationship, one-night stand, or maybe even someone to talk to because you’re feeling lonely?  Don’t worry, there’s an app for that.  Everyday there are apps being created for your everyday needs; from catching a ride to work, to watching your favorite shows, to creating relationships that otherwise wouldn’t exist, technology is taking over.  There are both positive and negative aspects of these so-called conveniences, but sometimes the negative can become quite overwhelming, especially in the realm of modern day dating.

Have you ever spent time with your significant other when he or she was paying more attention to their phone than to you?  Especially if you can’t see exactly what he or she is doing, questions of infidelity may float through your mind even if you feel that you trust this person.  Maybe he or she is having a conversation with a family member or friend, playing a game, or scrolling through social media.  Most of us, I think, would assume the worst before assuming otherwise, especially if you have been in an unfaithful relationship before.  Do you feel negative emotions when your significant other likes or favorites a post from someone who is the same sex as you?  When you see a username in a notification on your boyfriend or girlfriend’s phone, do you immediately question the nature of that interaction? If so, this can create tension in the relationship that otherwise may not exist without social media.  Being in this scenario can feel uncomfortable for all involved.  Do you ask what he or she is doing and risk being too nosy or making false accusations?  Do you slyly look at the phone screen?  How will he or she react to your questions and/or looking over their shoulder?  These questions may be running through your head in a situation like this, and only cause unnecessary stress to your life.

It can be very hard to distinguish between harmful and platonic interaction on most social media because expressing emotion through text is difficult in itself.  This is a struggle that a lot of people may face on a daily basis, and the level of anxiety this creates can be quite unhealthy.  The problem then, is the ease of access to other people, which can sometimes feel like a threat to your relationship even when all is well.


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