The radio overplays music and ruins it for the listener

Published by adviser, Author: Nathaniel Preisel - Rocket Contributor, Date: February 17, 2017

I’m pretty sure I can say everyone likes music. I know I love music and I love listening to new music. But one thing that ruins music is the radio. I know that sounds weird but let me explain. The radio is a good tool to find new music to listen to but it constantly overplays songs. Every time I hear a new song that I like I end up hating it because I heard it over and over again on the radio. I know for a fact that I am not the only one who feels this way. For example today I heard Rihanna’s new song “Love on the Brain” a total of five times on the radio. Every time I got into my car today they played “Love on the Brain.” I don’t mind the song, but that is way too much

The radio has a cycle of 10 new songs that they play on repeat. These songs usually consist of the top 10 selling songs on the music charts. The problem with that is songs can stay at the top of the charts for weeks at a time. This means weeks of the same 10 songs playing until you change the station or turn the radio off completely.

Songs get overplayed all of the time, it recently happened with “Closer” by the Chainsmokers. When it first played on the radio everyone I know enjoyed the song. However, as it constantly played for weeks, slowly everyone started to dread listening to the song. Right now “Closer” is still being played on the radio. The radio renews itself every few weeks with a set of new songs that then are played to death for the next four weeks until a new set of top 10 hits surfaces. This makes the radio boring and unbearable to listen to.

Honestly, after a week of a song playing on the radio, everyone who likes the song will most likely have downloaded it already. They can listen to it whenever they want. Part of the reason I think the AUX cord is so popular is because the radio plays the same music over and over again causing people to turn to others ways of listening to music, a way that lets them control what they are listening to. This ensures that they can listen to music they like and a variety of music to play.

I suggest that the radio creates a balance between popular songs and new songs. Also, give songs a shelf life of a week or max two weeks but that’s pushing it. Another idea is to play another song from a popular artist’s album that doesn’t get a lot or if any radio time. This way you’re still promoting the popular artist while promoting new songs as well. Plus the artist would probably like the fact that the rest of their album is getting some limelight too. I truly believe that people will listen to the radio more often if they started to vary the music they played. This would help artists, radio stations, and the music industry as a whole.


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