Students should take advantage of SRU’s health center

Published by adviser, Author: The Rocket Staff, Date: February 9, 2017

Most students at Slippery Rock University are unaware that SRU’s Health Center is in operation 24-hours a day, seven days a week. In fact, according to the Health Center, SRU is one of about seven colleges in the nation that offers an on-site nurse for round-the-clock care.

Although there is a common misconception among Slippery Rock students that all the health center does is give you ibuprofen and send you away (or ask women if they’re pregnant), there’s a lot of great things that SRU Health Center offers that students should be aware of and take advantage of.

Along with having a trained and registered nurse on-site at all times, the health center offers some great resources for both healthy and safe sex.

Everybody knows that the restrooms in Boozel have quarter machines where students can buy two condoms for 50 cents, but most are unaware that at the health center in Rhoads has its own ‘Protection Connection’ where students can buy as many condoms as they wish for just 25 cents apiece. In fact, prices vary for different brands and styles since there is a wide variety of selection.

Perhaps the biggest thing SRU students don’t know, especially women, is that the Plan B or morning after pill can be purchased for just $20 at the health center. This is a huge bargain. At any pharmacy, this pill is usually bought over-the-counter, with the cheapest brand being sold for a minimum of $39.99.

So, in the event a woman on campus is in need of making this purchase, she can find comfort in knowing that the pill is sold on campus for a much cheaper price, plus it’s better than a trip to Rite-Aid.

Of course, the health center is also home to the HOPE Peer Educators, which strives to educate campus and the community about health by offering comprehensive education.

This organization is great for campus, because it’s a group of students who are dedicated to helping their peers by educating on common health issues among college students. These topics, which may include practicing safe sex, also includes drug awareness, alcohol awareness and other viruses or diseases that are common among college students.

The HOPE program is great for SRU because it’s another example the university can use to show it cares for the well-being of its students.

A lot of colleges are ignorant when it comes to educating its students on certain health issues, but Slippery Rock has a program that can be effective because students are educating each other and discussing major health issues amongst themselves.

It’s crucial for SRU students to recognize the importance of having a 24-hour health center on campus because it can offer students proper care, especially in the case of an emergency.

There are many things that SRU’s health center offers students, it’s just a matter of people actually going up there to experience these perks.


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