Dark humor is scathing and honest

Published by adviser, Author: Joseph Szalinski - Rocket Contributor, Date: September 13, 2016

My sense of humor is infamous amongst those who know me, for being blasphemous, dark, brazen, and generally caustic. Dark humor is attractive because it’s so scathing and honest. Our world can occasionally be horribly cruel and chaotic, and often times, the only way to make sense of something, is to make fun of it.

Now, this isn’t an attempt at justifying dark comedy. That’s too big of an undertaking for an opinion article. No, what I aim to explain is why my behavior/inclination to use and enjoy unsettling humor is in no way worse than other people’s honest reactions/responses to legitimate news. Even those who consider themselves to be “PC,” are guilty of this horrendous behavior.

Whatever the issue may be, whether it’s trans bathroom rights or homophobic pastors, some people react in a disgusting manner. The home of Tony Perkins, the homophobe who claimed gays cause flooding, flooded. Of course one can recognize the twisted humor of the situation, but on the internet, people seemed almost glad that it happened. You’re telling me that is acceptable, but making inappropriate jokes is not? How?

When a man who vehemently wanted to deny trans people basic dignities and rights, Esten Ciboro, was found with a 13-year-old girl chained up in his basement, people cheered because it discredited the man. The treatment of the unfortunate child was not considered in the slightest, nor was the trauma she had thanks to those monsters. It was as if they were in a game and the other team scored a point on themselves. These psychopathic/sociopathic people favor agendas over human beings. It doesn’t matter if the party you are a part of is typically associated with being the party of tolerance, but until you demonstrate it in your actual life, then you cannot make such a claim.

That’s the real danger in this country, and to a larger extent, the world. The danger is blind allegiance to a party/system that doesn’t permit dissent in any regard. When winning or being correct comes before you being a decent person, then whatever ideological construct you are following is faulty in some way.

Is it really appropriate to celebrate when misfortune strikes our enemies? Shouldn’t we strive to set a better example? Especially if our enemies are people who have done/said/believe(d) horrendous things. Yes, they should be held accountable and punished/judged accordingly, but when it comes to suffering and misery in the world, do we really need more?

And yes, making dark jokes may seem like hypocritical behavior, but let’s be real, comedy is done for comedy’s sake. My honest reaction isn’t comparable to the one I give off in my comedy and in the comedy I enjoy. I honestly care about people, even if they are at odds with the way I operate in the world. I’ll laugh at them, sometimes at their expense, but I’ll always kindle some semblance of respect.


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