What your favorite on-campus hangout says about you

Published by adviser, Author: Janelle Wilson, Date: April 14, 2016

Robert Smith Student Center

You’re probably a social butterfly who is involved in a lot of activities, both academic and social. You’re most likely involved in Greek Life, and have a wide array of friends who you meet up with for food or coffee several times a week. You also probably care a lot about your appearance, based on the fact that you spend a lot of time in the place on campus with the most student foot traffic.

Old Main

You’re the traditional sort who is very protective of your personal time (time, get it? Because you’re in a clock tower? Never mind.) You know how to get things done, and value any job or exercise that promotes “character building.” Sure, you’ve probably transcended from being the mom or dad of the group and into the grandma or grandpa role, but all of your friends would agree that the grumpy  parental personality suits you. Try not to be too hard on the youths.


Like how Spotts is held up by support beams, you are held up by your friends in times of need. You’re an interesting person with a wide variety of interests from history to philosophy, and are a bit of a bookworm. While you put on an arrogant front in your classes, it’s because you actually do know what you’re talking about. While you seem cool and confident, you may actually be falling apart from the inside out. It’s okay to ask for help, Spotts. Just don’t expect someone to come to your rescue for awhile.

Miller Auditorium

No one really knows why you’re here, or what your purpose is, but we’ve heard great things about who you used to be. You are the personification of a framed high school letterman jacket. You may never rise to the top again, but you promise that you were on top at one point in the distant past. While rooting on an underdog is something most people can get behind, people have all but given up on you. Let go of your past, Miller. Hopefully you’ll have a bright future, but most of us will be gone by then.

Field House

While being passionate about sports and not actually participating in them may seem silly to some, people who spend the majority of their time in the Field House do not think so. Granted, they probably do participate in organized sports of some variety, but they are also usually the loudest crowd members in the bleachers for SRU sports they aren’t involved in. Be it lacrosse or basketball, people who hang out in the Fieldhouse literally never miss a game.


You’re always there with soup when someone is sick, a shoulder to cry on when someone is sad and are a good friend to everyone you meet. Unfortunately for you, you get taken for granted because of how giving you are. In fact, some people forget you exist entirely until you need something. That’s okay, Rhoads, because someday when people don’t have you at their beck-and-call, they’ll miss you and remember what a giving human you are.


You’re cool, and people definitely want to hang out with you, but why do you have to be so far away? Being on the opposite side of campus from most classrooms and buildings, people often won’t go out of their way to come visit. You’re probably a commuter student, and “meet in the middle” a lot more often than you’re comfortable with.


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