Student-run ‘SRU’ Twitter accounts waste of time, joke among students

Published by adviser, Author: Hannah McLaughlin - Commentary, Date: December 5, 2013

I feel like it’s safe to assume that most students on campus have a Twitter account. And I think it’s also safe to assume that at some point or another, we’ve all see the various SRU accounts ‘not affiliated with Slippery Rock University’. Some of these accounts are funny, provide an outlet for student frustrations, and show how we are a unified student body (remember all those Tweets about the horses a few weeks ago?).

However, some of these accounts are so beyond stupid. Personally, my least favorite, so far, is SRU Makeouts and Crushes. This is the worst excuse for social interaction in human history. I understand the idea behind it, but I don’t understand why it needs to exist. If you have those special feelings for someone, why not try talking to them without 3,303 other people getting involved? Or how about just keeping your feelings bottled up inside like a normal person?

Even worse is the modern day cat calling. Is this what we have come to?  If telling some unspecified brunette in the yellow shorts at the ARC that she has a nice butt is now a compliment, I give up. I’m confident that upon seeing this heartfelt love letter, every girl wearing yellow shorts was thinking ‘Be still my heart!’

What is the idea behind it? Maybe I’m just older than my 22 years, but come on everyone. Is this really how we want to be spending our time? There are people in Boozel as we speak eating bananas with no one to take pictures of them! And isn’t that a better use of everyone’s time?


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