Concrete taking over campus

Published by adviser, Author: Casey Young, Date: November 14, 2013

As I walk around campus, I pride myself on attending a university that is actively taking steps to be more eco-friendly.  Slippery Rock has built many of the newer buildings, like the new Student Union, to reflect that of an environmentally friendly and more energy efficient structure.  However, I cannot help but notice all the concrete.

Sidewalks along many of the streets on campus are necessary.  It is the ridiculously long and winding pattern of tan concrete blocks that are invading the lawn that is disappointing.  It seems that the university has a knack for paving over every shortcut that students find in the grass.  After the recent fence was installed at the top the hill to Boozel, the faux staircase was ruined for those walking from the dorms or the Rock Apartments.  Not to fear though, the concrete pavers were not too far away.  It seems that the walkway that comes in from the parking lot and makes its way to East Central Loop was not enough for the college walkers or the University.  Now, two concrete pathways, about 10 feet apart, lead to the same exact spot.

There is no one culprit at fault.  It is not an individual walker, a heard of followers, or the university’s beauty standards that is at fault.  It is a compilation of everyone involved.  No one needs 20 different possible paths to get to the front door of the ARC.  However, they are available.  On top of that, people still manage to find a shorter way to get to their final destination, stomping out a path in the grass along the way.

I see two options.  One, students can quit walking across the grass for a three-second time saver.  This way, everyone will be able to enjoy the grass for years to come as a great place to play catch, tan, or hang out.  Two, students can let the administration know that we do not care about “unsightly” short cut paths that make their way all across campus.  I would rather see the stomped grass than a concrete slab.


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