Is iOS 7 for keeps?

Published by adviser, Author: Kelsey Sozanski - Commentary, Date: September 26, 2013

You either love it or you hate it.  The new Apple update, iOS 7, has generated quite a stir. iPhone users have mixed feelings about this update.  The update brought a fresh look to the iPhone, but some argue that the old look was much better.

The new update reminds me of a Microsoft product.  I think Apple tried to make the update more fun and bright, more comparable to Windows 8 or the Windows phone.

The update made the iPhone much more colorful.  The home screen is very vibrant and bubbly-looking now and the appearance of the messaging app is more ‘fun’.  I’m not sure if Apple succeeded in making the iPhone more user-friendly. But bright and colorful, yes, they succeeded there.

I absolutely hated the update initially. It was confusing and too bright for me, to the point that it hurt my eyes and I had to adjust my brightness setting.  To be honest, I’m still not a fan of the update, but I know how to work with it now, which makes me happier.

For those of you who still have yet to update, be prepared for a brand new phone.  It literally feels like you got a new phone for free.  When you update, don’t be alarmed if your apps don’t show up right away. More than likely, they will within an hour of your update.

There are two things that I will praise Apple on:  iTunes radio and the new interface when you go to cancel/close out of your running apps.  iTunes radio is amazing!  It is way better than Pandora and plays iTunes top chart songs.  I think that it also has a better variety of music than Pandora and less commercials.  If you don’t like anything about the new update and haven’t checked out iTunes radio, do it!  The other component of the new update that I like is the app cancelling feature.  When you double tap the home button to cancel your running apps, you not only see the app icon, but also the page/screen that is running in the app.  I think this is useful because it lets you see what you were using the app for.  I will be honest and say that it took me a good ten minutes to figure out how to cancel the app because I didn’t realize that you slide the screen up, but it was a learning experience to say the least.

What do you think of iOS 7?  I personally am not the biggest fan, but it’s growing on me.  In case you didn’t know, if you move your lock and home screen up and down, the screen picture moves, which is pretty cool.  I will not be one to judge on appearances, so I will give the new update a little bit more time to grow on me.  Hopefully you will do the same if you are in the same boat as I am.


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