Fitness Trends, I Can’t

Published by adviser, Author: Olive Reid, Date: August 29, 2013

Whilst viewing my Twitter feed or skimming through my Facebook newsfeed, I just want to see funny jokes, embarrassing pictures, and the poor life choices of my peers.

Unfortunately, this has been made nearly impossible due to the surge in fitness fanatics clogging up my newsfeed with pictures of their healthy dinners, fitspirations, post workout bodies, and statues about going to the gym/ Zumba class/ on a run.

Enough is enough. Nobody cares about how much you can lift or how far you run or what weird concoction you claim is a delicious smoothie (no one is buying it, people who say kale tastes amazing).

Saying you’d rather sweat now than be covered up at the beach just makes you sound self conscious. And saying that people are just jealous of your motivation makes you sound pretentious and egotistical, and that’s way worse.

Working out is great! The more you do it, the more cookies you can eat, it’s science. But like everything else in life, balance it out.

Also, it’s a little know fact that if you workout/ ‘eat clean’ (what does that even mean?), and don’t plaster it all over social media, it still counts.

I enjoy watching TV,  but I don’t announce every time I change the channel or finish a pizza. Just be happy with yourself the way you are, and more importantly, keep it to yourself.


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