United States needs stronger gun control policies

Published by adviser, Author: Will DeShong - Editor Commentary, Date: February 14, 2013

There has been a lot of coverage in the news recently concerning gun control rights in the United States.

Many Americans feel very passionate about the topic, on both sides, and I can respect that.

But the debate itself, in my opinion at least, doesn’t have much merit. Weapons like assault rifles do not need to be legal in this country.

I will concede to the notion that Americans can own guns for hunting purposes. That is okay. But there is no reason to own an automatic firearm that can shoot 30 people in a matter of seconds.

Gun advocates will use the Second Amendment as the basis for their freedom to own such firearms. I’m sure I’m in a minority, but I don’t see it as a basis at all.

To start with, the Second Amendment was created to allow people to have a well regulated militia to protect themselves against the government. While that assault rifle can certainly cause a lot of damage, it won’t hold up well to, say, the air force.

It is also important to mention that the Second Amendment was written when muskets were the guns in question. Big difference.

Lastly, many gun advocates, including the NRA, have cited our violent media, like video games and film, as the cause of the alarming high number of gun crimes in the country.

Interestingly though, the country that defines violent video games and film, Japan, has virtually eliminated gun related murders in its borders. How? They have gun regulations.

Most Western countries play video games and watch violent movies. Few can even compare to the gun-crime rate the United States currently has.

Using the media as a scapegoat is a weak argument for less gun control.

The word “regulation” is written right into the Second Amendment. Let’s take that advice and ban guns like automatic assault rifles.


Will DeShong is a senior Communication major and the Editor-in Chief of the Rocket.


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